Monday, July 11, 2011


"Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain."  
Psalm 127   

With all that has happened in my personal space the past few months, I am seeing and visualizing home in a whole new way.   As I look through photos, see what I am drawn to sketch and paint, and as I hold the pen in my hand, my thoughts are of this simple concept.  Home.

I felt drawn to sketch it out.  Layer homes on homes and then plaster each together with a trowel of mortar (the pink paint) and soften it with overgrown trees.  All of my homes come together to create one place ~ where I stand right now.

I really like it.  I may do the whole idea again.

I am seeing more and more the symbolism behind the things I am creating ~ the concepts, visions, ideas.  They all come from a place deep inside.  I seriously do not plan all that much before I start.  Typically it will be a word or form or a color.  Interesting that our deep spiritual centers want to create with "eyes that (really) see and ears that (really) hear"?

This is the place I feel most alive and at peace.  You too?

You know that crazy feeling when you are attached instantly to a work of art and don't know why?  Perhaps take photos for hours of something you hadn't cared about before or be drawn to a particular style or color?
Some days it makes so much sense - or - it takes years before the focus/awareness happens?

One day we look and say "Yes!" 
"That is why I had such a fetish for pink paint!"

And there are moments when I step outside (so often this summer) and see the heavenly realms touching this space.  My little place on earth.   

This overwhelmingly reminds me of my wee-little-tininess and the absolute reliance I have on God's clear focus and care.  His beautiful creation lit up for me to see, nothing hidden.  

Do rainbows take your breath away, too?  

Is He showing me~
His home touching
My home?

What is calling to you in your art, your work, your quiet thoughts?  

Much love this restful & healing week~
grace and peace, 
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