Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a few days

All the words and prayers shared with me and my family during this past week have been so sweet and so needed.

Thank you friends ~ you are a real & rich blessing my life.  Thank you for taking a moment out of your life to hold my hands~

The time we spent with and for my Grandmother was beautiful.  The final details were perfectly tended to, the messages were good (quite hard to share with a lump in your throat), and the family music selections were exceptionally powerful and lifting.     Yes!  
(I tried to post about all of this -- but I am going to have to sit with it for awhile.  There are too many things going around in my little head!)

I am taking off for a few days to catch up with family, friends, and those clients (I love) that have scheduled time with me this month.  I am here for you.  

I am not taking time off from thinking and praying over each of you -- my online sisterhood.  You are my family, too, and I adore you.  Much love and lambs~ 

Yours & His~ 
in grace and peace,

* I do have a bitty post tomorrow~ please check in!!!  :o)

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