Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a divine perspective

Sophie's walk   (f 5.6, 1/125, 75mm) 

I have dug into this word before, but it is so interesting how it keeps coming back at me in new ways.  This time perspective has launched its way into every aspect of my summer and I am not the same.

It is stretching and breaking boundaries.
Pushing creative limits.
Creating new space for new life.
Opening my heart to what is new -- what was before hidden or unseen?

Showing me ~ what is real and right now.  

Typically, as photographers of daily life, we shoot photos when we see the moment happening. 

I know for myself that I see something that "deserves a photo", my heart pumps harder, and run to grab my camera.  I set up the shot or I simply start shooting so that I don't miss it.  You know that feeling?  The candles being blown out or the sunset as it reaches that golden red?  

Or, I think of photo-prompt-challenge (like my silly self portrait below). I adore creative challenges and think this kind of shooting is deliciously fun.  The brainstorm that flows is intense and always teaches me something new.    

Self portrait - Superhero photo class (f 2.8, 1/125, 60 mm) 

However, a different perspective on purposeful photography, is what I call "divine shooting".  It is much more simple and sweet.  Typically it happens when sitting or walking, quietly observing, and letting the time and place show itself.  The trick is to not have an agenda, not have a plan, and not have any set expectations. 

I spent last year taking weekly photo dates with a flicker group (an online group from around the world) and I grew to love the time I spent alone with God and with my lens.  It encouraged me to regularly step out into dates with the divine and watch brilliant things happen~ 

I am a serious advocate and believer in these kinds of artist dates. Can I share this past week's experience?  

lost bunny (f 5.6, 1/400, 75mm) 

I didn't move more than 10 feet.

I was sitting on my parents asphalt driveway watching my young son walk a  family dog down the driveway (the first photo in my post).  The lighting was soft -- everything had that golden kiss to it?  I quietly and simply turned my head (my lens) and captured each unique creature as they came into view~

I am not suggesting that if you sit on your bottom long enough a cute dog, a lost bunny, or a wild hawk will show up -- this was a unique experience -- but I am suggesting that regular photography outings (dates) with the divine (God), brings a living freshness to photography.  His unique leading changed what would have been a fun snapshot of us on a walk with a dog into unique and fresh captures that inspire me.

Coopers hawks  (f 5.6, 1/2000, 300mm) 

Back at home with Kate the lamb, I tried it too.  She loves to eat my camera so this little photo-shoot didn't last long without slobber on my lens.  But it had the same impact.  

I wanted to see the world from God's point of view, how does he see my world?  Kate the lamb?
How does he see me?  

You may be curious enough to try a new perspective?

Get in closer.  
Sit lower.  
Don't anticipate what you will see, let it happen to you.  
Pray for divine leading. 

Try a new approach~ you may (like me) be very surprised by what you see.   

grace & peace, 
with eyes that see~

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