Wednesday, July 27, 2011

art + journal perspective

An art journaling perspective. 
(I just added summer pages to the tab *art + journal* above)

I typically start my paintings with a simple sketch.  A few lines and a hint of color.  I often don't understand the meanings behind the images, I have just trusted that I will understand as the paint dries. I like it that way.

I have learned however that my emotional perspectives do influence my finished work.  If I sit with my paints too long I will overwork things -- a sign of "inner working" something?

When the colors are bright and light in my painting, and I choose not to undo or layer over things too much, I obviously feel unburdened?  Ready and happy to move on to the next piece?

I really think it is a miracle to have a *visual image of something* and to find ways to layer it in ink and paint.  I am a simple photographer, someone who sees an image, frames it, and captures it.  I haven't encountered a creative medium that is so imaginative and organic.  No pattern to purchase and follow?  No page design and colors to adhere to?  No, this is such a different process than that.  

If you have you tried art journaling, how would you describe it?

Cathartic healing?
Pouring out in paint?
Journaling in a very messy way?

Spilling out those cluttered heart closets? 

Yes and amen to that...


Whatever it is, it is a good friend right now.  I have benefited from its healing touch on my life.  It is zen-like in the way it helps me stay calm.  After a stressful day, it is a great reward.

For me it has also been a place of honesty and growth. Of seeing life as it is (and was) and bringing a focal point to what is now.  Doesn't that sound good?

Really if you haven't tried it, it's time to pull out a sketch pad and go for it~

(Best of all, it is a great distraction when the sheep are away) 

With a fresh coat of
His grace & peace,

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