Monday, June 13, 2011

water + color + artists

Today I am in awe of the beauty of *creative communities*.

Is that a strange term?  Would it be better stated -- I am in awe of the beauty of a collective creating group?  Or a fellowship of art?  Or a simple phrase like "I love hanging out with my art peeps"?

Collectively creating with others (to me) means a combination of effort, time, and desire to work within a group to help one another achieve their own personal ideals, works, creations.

I have seen it in my beautiful Mum as she goes each week to paint with her Mum (my sweet Grandma).  Their works are amazingly beautiful and they seem to push each other in starting and also completing their projects.  They are beautiful watercolorists~

I have seen it in online classrooms with photography, scrapbooking, painting, and writing.  It is so soul growing and artistically nurturing to throw myself into those places of vulnerability and challenge.  I am always uneasy (sometimes quite terrified) and it is usually for good reason -- it pushes my boundaries.  Being around other artists adds that hyper-focus to see what they see and puts a bit more effort into defining my own personal expression.  That is good, challenging but good~

Do you have a creative group to share your heart with?

This week I saw a creative community at work outside my front door.

I loved it last year when the artists from all over the country converged on my property (and wrote about it's overwhelming answer to prayer here).  It is such a treat to see these artists working alone and alongside in this beautiful place.  

It makes my heart so happy.  

I of course have to go out and meet them all~

These artists are from cities across the U.S., but they just love the rural landscapes we have here:  rusty, falling down, barns in disrepair, and any old wood.
(I think they look like geese - poking out their heads - in a field of green)

Watching them makes me want to get my paints out too.

I am still in the middle of my collective project that I am doing with 3hearts community and my friend Val.  The class is over, but I am still busy painting anyway.  I think I will keep my paints out and ready for what comes this month ~ it is relaxing activity for summer days.  Val is a sweetheart and a great art mate.  The first time we met (online), I told her we should do a project together some day - she has a fun and funky style and fearlessly creates in all kinds of mediums.  I had no way of knowing it would be this class and this time.  

Great fun~

If you ever feel alone in your creative process and want to find a group of like-minded friends, just do what I did -- beg the heavens (I am not kidding - I live very rural and I completely believe in the amazing power & miracles of prayer) and get out and meet people.

I couldn't be more thrilled with the gifts of sweet friends that have landed divinely in my life.  Each of you teaching me, encouraging me, pushing me and I hope that I am doing the same for you~

Much love on a Monday~
your lamb loving friend,
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