Wednesday, June 1, 2011

LIVE (olw - one little word)

I love my little *one word* study.  

I love that it works its way into my life organically and I can see it playing out in everything I do.  Every year I am surprised at how it seems to show up -- and this year is no different.  As busy as I have been these past few months, not even able to sit and contemplate the impact of my one little word~

I realized, I am overwhelmed by it. I think perhaps it ran me over?  

It is forcing me to do things I didn't know I would be doing.  

I am being forced, in a good way, to really -- LIVE.  

What is on my list~                                                                                                                    

This year there would be no side-line to sit on -- I am in the game (figuratively and literally!)

Watching, touching, and bringing in new life -- personally delivering so many baby lambs this year.

Investing time into living a strong & healthy life -- actively living life and eating fresh foods. 

Seeing and experiencing *real life* -- and understanding and giving a healthy place for death.  

Feeling what life is right now and letting it be -- good and bad.  

Noticing more "live" moments -- choosing to be fully present with my family.

Living out the callings in my life -- embracing who I am in God's eyes.

Experimenting and growing with my art --living in my art -- letting it teach me. 

"The purpose of art 
is not a rarified, 
intellectual distillate - 
it is life, intensified, brilliant life." 
                                                                     - alain arias-mission

(pages from three-hearts journaling class this month)

Letting new creations breathe in to my life -- friendships, artistic projects & of course...lambs.

 (sweet Kate at one month)

"The humble will see their God at work and be glad. 

Let all who seek God's help be encouraged." 

                                                  Psalm 69:32

 I am learning to live with my eyes open and even though I may be afraid (often)--
 I will step into the adventure.  
Whatever it is~ 

 (today it may be horseradish?)


yes and amen,


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Jennifer's studio fun~ 



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