Friday, June 10, 2011

is she nesting?

One last ewe to deliver at the farm.  We check her multiple times a day.  We look for signs of impending birth.  And we impatiently wait, wait for the markers that the time is coming...that she is nesting.   

As the labor comes on, sheep find their own nesting activity.  Perhaps they will choose a side fence to lean on and make faces.  Some paw at the ground, laying down and getting up over and over again.  Some go around checking on other sheep, thinking in a mixed-up-way that it is perhaps their time?

I realized that I was doing the same thing (not giving birth to a baby) but finding myself in the throws of nesting~  

I have birthed babies, I have been thrust into that preparatory state having the energy of a dozen men to get projects finished.   Now that I am no longer having babies - I am nesting & birthing creative ideas -- the concept and feel of nesting is not much different really, is it?  

The same scattered knowing that something must be done, focused passion in ideas, energy and a hard drive to get organized, and excitement at the birth~ 

This time of year is the time that new ideas are birthed in my life~ 

These few weeks are the anniversary of my blog, my photography career, my lamb loves created for ETSY.  It is just that time of year.  I am grateful for the divine gift it is to open my arms and my heart to what is going to happen~ 

When the nesting comes on, I tend to not ask myself too many questions.  This step in birthing is just one of those primal things that happen best without over-analyzing-criticizing-fear mongering.  Taking the serious steps toward giving birth to anything take great courage - *holy big bad brave courage*!  

But looking back at what has transpired over the past couple of years I see the value of honoring, trusting, and allowing the chaos to work it's magic.  It is magical~  

As you contemplate your creative dreams, your sweet nest of growing ideas, are you ready for the gifts of birth? 

Perhaps you are building your nest of new ideas?

You are getting brave enough to try something new or need some encouragement to open your wings?

Or you are in the throws of too many babies being born at the same time and what to do with them all?  

Let's be friends~
(and if we are already friends, let's hug? xxx ooo)

I have been here before, 
And I promise, it only gets better! 

Thinking and praying and hoping all good things for you this week~
In Him, 


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