Tuesday, June 7, 2011

i write

I love words.

I am a writer. I write loads of little words and big words and words that I find tickle my fingers when I type them ~

I love it when something makes *just so much sense* and the words will just come flowing out, and the writing is effortless and freeing?  When it seems as though I don't have to think too hard?  When my head is in agreement with my heart?

Then there are hard times when the words don't come.  They don't want to~

Writing is *heart work*-- isn't it?

(last week of three hearts art journaling class)

Many times, including this past week, I haven't understood my own feelings.  I struggle to understand why I am frustrated, why something irritates my daily routine (like making lunch?), or why it is that I am having a crazy love relationship with paint -- when I have never had one before.

I do what I know works~

I write.  I sit with my tattered notebook - the ugly one that no one cares to look in - and speak out the words of my head and heart.

Sometimes it takes listing what is in my head:

need to buy milk
why doesn't that last ewe deliver
laundry is ready to turn over
can I find a way to exercise just half of my body?
do i have to wash the kitchen floor today or can i do it tomorrow
where is that old quilt i need for a photo shoot today?

And once the list of messy gets out...I can see and feel and understand more clearly where I am in this place.

Do you have a helpful way to clear your head, too?

When none of that works, I just go out here and sit in the grass and talk to my friends~

Sometimes words need to be spoken out loud, given a voice, vented, whispered, prayed or put to music and sung?

Thankfully, these girls are really good listeners (they even like my singing!)

love & lambs to you~
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