Saturday, June 25, 2011

a (house) heart full

Do not wait for life. Do not long for it. 
Be aware, always and at every moment, 
that the miracle is in the here and now. 

                                                              -Marcel Proust

It is easy to live in the moment when you are playing with lambs~  

This weekend we had many house guests and  it was such a fun and rare opportunity for us just to sit and feed and laugh at the sheeplets.  Kate & Baby Beatrix were perfect and did just what little lambs do ~ provide great entertainment and nibble on fingers.  

Having guests reminded me that there is nothing like a home full of laughter, thoughtful conversation and divine prayer -- It makes my heart so happy.

I also had a phone call today that my (last living) gorgeous, sweet, full-of-love Grandmother passed away this morning.  With a home full of guests I couldn't leave immediately -- but in this *present place* today it was such a gift to sit, pause, and see the simple joys I loved so much about my Grandmother and my life with her.  I remembered her home as a very happy place to be (especially as a little child), laughing at pure silliness and her strong and long-lasting hugs.  

She didn't wait for life...she was one of those that really lived it.   
Out of my sorrow, joy filled memories have taken hold of my heart tonight~  

I am off to be with family for a few days and I (need) welcome your prayers~

grace & peace my sweet friends, 
you are in my overflowing heart, too~

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