Saturday, May 28, 2011

a weekend at the farm~

"Hello, who are you? and may we have a taste of that delicious looking candy please?" 

I realized this week that I hadn't the chance to tell the sweet story of when my little niece came to stay with us and work at the farm. I am sure I will miss many of the small details that she remembers, but I can share what I fondly have memories of in my photos.  

***I purposely wrote this posting for Joshe & my niece...

We thankfully waited until most of the ewes had delivered.  The lambing stalls were quiet with only a few nursing Mums.  It was the perfect time for these little ones to experience the farm on their own terms.

Day one:  My Joshe (8) and my sweet niece taking pictures of new lambs and asking loads 
of questions at the farm. It was hot and sunny and we stayed long enough to get sunburned.  
No lambs born today but plenty of farm chores and lambs to feed at home.  

We loved watching the silly lambs just outside of the kindergarten fence ~ 
this was where the two day old lambs get to play.  

Back at home playing with the little royal twins ~ Kate & Pippa.  
She was a darling help to play with them, teach them (with Joshe) how to play soccer -- 
who would have guessed that lambs can kick goals? And thankfully she and Josh took over 
feeding the sweet things every 3 hours.  Yes!

*     *     *   

Day two:  Back at the farm there are always things that need attention.  Today we gathered up the sheep and lambs in the meadows and bring them in for counting, tagging, docking, and branding.  
Always a fun job for me, how would these two do?  

In the lamb pen, playing with the sweet woollies until it was their turn.  

Libby, one of the herding dogs jumped up on the docking table to see if she could assist today?  

Kisses for Libby.  
Typically shy of my camera, today she wanted her picture taken - obviously. 

During docking we had a sheep laboring that went wrong.  The baby was stuck and the Mum 
wasn't dealing with it well at all.  I jumped in to help.  
This is a photo of Joshe trying to look away as his mother (me)
 is trying to assist in that sheep's problem delivery.  
He is overly horrified that his mother put her hand in places that hands should not go~
 hence no photos!  Lol!

Looking and laughing at the two little lambs that were born in that traumatic delivery.  
Wet and now covered in hay crying for their Mum ~ not so cute?

Finally the truck and trailer are loaded up and everyone is getting ready for Lamby-Land (where we take the lambs and Mums to graze for the late spring). We had to follow and see this spectacular place.  It really is breathtakingly beautiful.  

*     *     *   
Back at home playing with the lambs~

And then we were off to see the new little horse that was born last week.  A long dirt road~
It was terribly windy but the two little farm hands were undeterred. They are adventure seekers! 

*     *     *   
We absolutely loved having you here sweet girl and hope you come as often as you can ~ 
anyone that loves the lambs as much as I do is a divine gift to me!  

xxx ooo
love & lambs,
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