Tuesday, May 10, 2011

we choose...

And the winner is???


After (too) much deliberation here and abroad -- we finally narrowed it down.  DH was voting for Fabio.  All the boys had their crazy personal ideas but loved Lambo the most. The girls I asked to vote debated for too long and loved every name (don't ask teenage girls).

I fell for Harry.  He is...he just is...Harry.  

If you chose this sweet name (I think there were two of you), go straight to my shop and choose something sweet~ Yes and Amen.  I will email you to see what I can send you~

To everyone else who played along~ thank you for the giggles, the lols, and the funny jokes.  I am saving the list for next time!

You can check out Harry's new listing here.

*  *  *  *  * 

Today I am catching up to myself...You know that feeling?

The moment you realize that the life you have been living needs to stop momentarily so that you can figure out what day today is?  Okay, perhaps you don't let yourself get this crazy.

I am quite gifted at it.

Having two new members of the family adds to the melee.  The comings & goings got a bit more tricky -- adjusting schedules for feeding times (rather like having newborn babes).

The lambing is quieting down.  There are only about 20 ewes left waiting.  However the quietness made it more fun (and doable) to get my little niece and Joshe out in the stalls.  That was a wild weekend (more to come).  And, I hurt myself the last big lambing day and have been hobbling.  I dislike hobbling.

It has been a wild 40+ days (minus one) of working at the farm.  It is time to slow down and re-group~

Time to:
Catch up with emails and blogs.
Write some dear friends.
Upload pictures.
Get back into LOAD (flicker group for May).
Plant some seeds.
Air out the stone house.
Feed lambs.

Run and play.

Are you in the process of re-thinking your days as well?
Have you decided it is time to do more...or time to do less?

It is okay.  That is how we creatives live our lives.  We run & play hard (creating) and then fall down (in a good way - hopefully) and watch the clouds go by with the warm sun on our sweet cheeks (rest & renew).  It is a part of an artist's life.  

And while we are down, we can get lamby kisses all over our faces too.

Love to you and thank you so much for entertaining us with your oh-so-helpful names this weekend, it was great fun!

love & lambs,
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