Friday, May 20, 2011

the sheeplets

(me and baby lamb -- 6 days old -- Peter has the camera)

 Feeding of lambs has gotten a little better.  Little Kate is 3 weeks old and can empty a bottle in 60 seconds.  She knows what she wants and she has it all planned out.  If you change the routine, like not sitting in the same spot (because it is pouring rain), she will run around in circles a dozen times trying to figure out what to do.

A bit compulsive and head strong -- yes, she is a sheep at heart.

 The tiny babe is coming along.  We came to an agreement two nights ago in my kitchen -- I couldn't spend half my day trying to get food into her, she would have to make some concessions and learn how to eat like a lamb.  I had spent the first two days tube feeding and the next couple with her sucking out of the side of her mouth with most of it dribbling down her front and mine.  Not fun.  She now has a little baby protocol where she nuzzles my chin with her nose and then easily takes the bottle.  She won't take the bottle unless I am holding her on my lap though~ I can't wait to see what this looks like when she is 80 lbs.

 No name yet.  I think we were too timid of heart to name her, she was so scrawny.  I have a few names in mind~ today it was Stinker butt (lovingly said of course).

(Peter feeding Kate)

 Happily full and rubbed has been raining for days~

Peter is their favorite playmate.  He comes home for lunch and a bit of lamb frolic every day.  They love it when he lays on the grass.

Just look at the baby smile~ (above)

So sorry for the long absence.  I have been nursing a back injury and pain is so wearing?  I also have been out tending the farm~ 18 ewes left to go and a little black lamb we are tending as well. All the men-folk and dogs are out with the herd on the west mountains and planting seed in the fields.  It is a busy time of year.  

I am sending you sweet thoughts and prayers on these fluffy and productive clouds,
love and lambs~

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