Monday, May 16, 2011

mended hearts

"Really good and really hard" is how my youngest son described this weekend~

My sweet blog is my refuge from the harshness of life, it is the place of renewal and refilling and seeing hope. I love to post the joy of life and the glory in simple things.  I am not sure about posting hurts.  I questioned posting this week, with the messy stuff inside of me, but tonight I see light shining behind the dark cloudy skies -- there is always hope in hard/sad places?  Always~

We had a sad weekend.  One of our sweet little lambs died.  Our little Pippa got sick on Thursday night and with all the care and help we could muster, she sadly wasn't meant to be with us.  She died on Saturday afternoon.  It was wrenching for the boys.  They were madly in love and it broke their hearts.

I questioned my mothering decision to even bring the lambs home with me, but remembered that this is a *real* aspect of life -- life and death. We all have to find a place for death in our minds and hearts, it is a huge part of living.  Though it was hard (with many tears), the boys have made it to this side with their tender hearts intact.  I am still a bit raw~

"We have patchwork hearts, lots of mended spots," my friend Sara would tell me.
I would agree.

Farmer called the same night that she passed with another little ewe lamb needing help.
Oh, dear.

We (of course) went and picked her up.  Just look at that sad little love muffin~

Covered in mud.  Unloved. Unfed.  She would make of mess of us, too?

Thank you Lord for your sweet littlest lambs,
we are learning so much about goodness and mercy~
In You.

Yes and Amen,
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