Friday, May 6, 2011

love and lambs

I talked to a local this week about lambing.  He is one of our town's family practice doctors and he likes to chat with me about my tomatoes usually (I do grow great tomatoes), however on this day we talked about lambs.

He wanted to share a beautiful story with me about lambs and a special date.
I had to stop and listen to this, I couldn't believe a story could start so romantically ~ love & lambs?

As a young man, was in school in a major city north of here and he was dating a young lady.  In spring, the girl asked if he knew anything about lambs.  She knew he was a country boy and had grown up in a small town and she wanted to see the little lambs.  He answered that he did know something about lambs and that he could take her to visit a sheep farm.  He was thinking it was a simple thing to do in April, so he arranged for them to visit a local farm one weekend.

As they arrived they were met by one of them men working with the sheep.  The man asked if they wanted to see a sheep giving birth, and of course she wanted to see and so he let her get close and see and touch and experience the birth, the lambs, and the lambing stalls.  Seeing that she hadn't brought a change of clothes and  thinking that she was done after her lambing experience, this boy (her date) asked if she was ready to go.

He said, "She looked up at me and asked, can you just come pick me up in four hours?"
(with a smile on her face I am sure).

He said to me, "That is when I knew I had met my future bride." sweet.....

 Peter getting love stomps & kisses from Kate

  checking out my boots and the back steps...they seem to own the place now~

It is always love & lambs here~
with Grace & Peace,
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