Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Look closely. The beautiful may be small~

(Farmer's horse & her newest babe)

The spring mornings are a call to the little ones, Come out and meet me~
I am always so excited to see the littlest ones...from the tiny blooms on grape hyacinths to the brand new fillies in the fields, I can't get enough of it!  Are you the same way?

I am so enamored with newness.  In late March for some reason start to doubt that the world will turn green again~ the winters here are too grey and too long.  I almost give up (I really do), and then it happens.  Warm sunshine caresses my face, the grasses green, and the babies all emerge.  Oh, yes!

My eyes are awakened by new colors.

I am so grateful for color~ greenest greens, bluest blues, pinkest pinks~

And the brilliant white of some of these littlest lambs.  Heavenly white~
*     *     *     *     *

And the bits of chocolate brown (dirt) on the noses of these two orphans. I watch them peek out from their first little home.  Dirty little faces, pink heart noses, and quiet little mouths~

Meet the two little girls that came home with us this week~

Sweet spunky Kate & shy little Pippa~  
Born on a Royal weekend they are the delight of our new spring mornings.  The boys are so happy.  

"Look closely.  The beautiful may be small."   

-Emmanuel Kent 

Look closely, Spring is so short (and our memories are even shorter)~
In His Grace & Peace,
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