Friday, May 27, 2011


tiny bits of my heart ready for glue & paint

 a book off the shelf that i decided to use for my latest art journal -- i got very gesso messy and decidedly excited about pink?

 a photo of a beautiful angel from Montserrat, Spain, makes a lovely introduction page to my *three-hearts* journal~ a Hillary Hope angel perhaps?  

 To create the journal, I uesd gesso (a painting undercoat).  I glued 3-4 pages together in sections and then gessoed the top pages to create a canvas finish I could paint/ink on top of.  It makes the pages much more firm as well -- cool.

A few inside pages with a bit of journaling.  I highlighted words peeking through and added my own thoughts, too.  I just created & wrote what i was inspired to make at the time~  no judgement or critical thoughts, just free floating words...

  Just some spring green ink stamped onto a plastic mask...pretty sweet?
I only messed up three times and it still looks pretty good.  :o)

 Then I just quickly lined the paper and journaled about my farm trues...and a pic of the sweetest lambs ever.  I love it~

And here is todays page...a new canvas for what I think right now about what is in my multi-layered heart...

*     *     *     *     *     *
I am so messy.  
I don't know how I get myself in these messes, but I do. 

This week has been a crazy one. The boys finished their school year. We survived music programs, park days, late night activities.  It rained buckets and made a mess of the farm, the yard, and me!  Now we are faced with summer -- so much fun and so messy, too.  I hopefully will be able to get a summer schedule figured out so that we compact as much creative fun as possible? Yes!  

I also dug into another journal & paint class by Christy Tomlinson .  I thought I would share the fun (above).  If you have a chance to try a class this summer (and have never painted but want to), you should try one of hers.  She is a goof and adorable and a great teacher (she would tell you she is a goof, too).  Her classes are packed with content and how to use product -- perfect for Miss Messy here!  

I have already had a brilliant time~

And a meet & greet with the newest member of the family.  
The first robin to jump the nest this spring/summer...isn't he grand?  

Today is Friday...and so I have linked to Jennifer's studio of sharing...I just adore this girl!
studio JRU

Grace and peace today
and always,
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