Thursday, April 14, 2011

tired with a bit of hay~

Hello lovely girl~ 

I have started and erased this post over and over again today (what is my problem! :o))  I am tired.  Seriously so tired that the top of my head to the tips of my toes ache.  I am overwhelmed with sunshine and alfalfa goo and happiness.  Literally jacked up and floating in it.  What a great week.

I have so many things to share it is hard to slow down my thoughts enough to organize them!

With this in mind I am letting you know ~ I will have a few days of photos, potentially some seriously scattered thoughts and I will spend some time sharing the best and worst stories from the farm.  Yes, the sweet lamby farm~

*      *      *      *      * 

It is so amazing, just looking at some of these photos, I can smell these little lambs...

I shared earlier this week, a sweet photo of the Shepherd that lives with the sheep, now I have one of Farmer B. and the Shepherd's son.  Great guys.  These lambing stalls are full of hard work (life and death) but each day is met with their levity and happy hearts.  I am not sure how anyone could survive this work without a well intact sense of humor.  These three amigos have that ability to smile, shrug and laugh through whatever comes.  And it does. 

I am grateful to be included in this outfit ~ even if they tease me about my "fotos".  

With so many ewes I have no way of sharing each sheep with you.  I have friends with smaller herds that tell the most delightful stories of their flock.  I wish I could. With 800 lambing ewes and over a hundred yearlings,  I tend to lump the girls in broader categories (until things slow down and I get to spend more time with each of them).

Here is a sample:  good sweet mums, rodeo queens (the kind that don't want to come into the lambing stalls without a tussle), grandmas ("they know the drill" Farmer says), and the newbie mums.  The newbie mums are simply nutty ~ they will deliver a sweet little lamb and then walk away and pretend like it isn't theirs and they don't know whose it is.  Silly sweet ewes.

Then we have Gretel.

This sweet thing was clear up to her eyeballs in the mud and snow this week ~ they pulled her into the stalls to nurse her back to life (I wasn't so sure she wanted to rejoin the living).  She quietly lay in the soft warm hay in the center of chaos this week, and when she felt better she just jumped right up and decided to be a part of the team.  The three amigos just let her. I laughed every time I would turn around and she would be right behind me.  So cute.
*      *      *      *      * 

I am always amazed at the variety of lambs being born. Some our tall and skinny, others are teenie tiny, and some come out quite stout ~ ready for life right now.  Wool can be short/tight or longer and soft ~ almost like kitty fluff.  They are so pretty but are very frail.  

 Can you see a reason why it is difficult to be a baby lamb photographer?

Beauties aren't they?

I am uploading all my photos tonight and hopefully will have a new "blessed barnyard collection" very soon.  

Thank you my friends for your support of my eccentric love of the lambs and my absence from your online lives.  I will be here soon~ I promise.  I love you and adore you from the bottom of my heart!  

I think I just need a soak and some sleep!  

Grace & Peace little lambs, 

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