Monday, April 18, 2011

a playground romp

Every morning after breakfast the barnyard turns into a lamby merry-go-round.  This part of the morning schedule is about clearing out space/stalls for new Mums and helping little lambs gradually adjust to their new world.  If you watched the process you would be shocked that they are only days old  They are born ready for action!   

A two day old lamb trying to find his mother in the move out of their stall  

First, all the little ones that are a day or two old,  healthy gaining weight, and have doting happy Mums are carefully brought out into the little play areas outside the lambing sheds.  Each little family comes out one at a time, making sure that Mums and babes are put in the same pen.  It is a thrilling experience for them.  The Mums are quick to run and see what food we may have put out for them, the little ones just run around (quite frantically) screaming "Maam! Maam!"  It is quite distressing to a mother's heart when you first experience it.  But soon everyone finds their safe place ~ under their Mum's safe shelter, and things quiet down. 

Timid little lambs either lay down in pure exhaustion or they curiously check out their new space, all within feet of their Mum and their milk supply. 

Little babes resting in the warm hay and in an old feeding trough

After two/three days of the little playgrounds, the lambs and their sweet Mums are moved out into the meadows.  The little lambs are overjoyed to have so much space.  They run full gallop, feet flying, jumping in blissful giddiness.  This is typically the best place for me to take photos.  They are still so curious,  the Mums are green-grass distracted, and being brave with their new playmates they don't mind my intrusion.

They just think I am silly.

In all of that moving ~ the lambing does not slow down.  Looking out into the pens there is already a new set of triplets ready to be brought into their new stall.  Yes~

And for my sheep sisters~ look at this girls!

We had a bonus this weekend, five lambs arrived to one amazing ewe.  The sweet thing delivered five beauties~ all healthy and happy.  They had to take some away last night, she could only feed two of them.  The others will be bummers (hand fed).  

*     *     *     *     *

As I sat watching these tiny lambs curiously looking out from under their Mums, my heart is brimming with hope.  I see holy hands guiding little feet and playgrounds of new experiences.  My sweet God,  are you showing me to be brave like these little lambs?  That it is okay to scream & cry when moved from safe places? That it is okay to not like change? 

Are you showing me where I have come from?  Under your constant and loving concern & care~
 peeking out from the shelter of your shadow? 

I am so grateful for Your hands on my life.

So much to learn,
In this blessed barnyard,

Grace & Peace~
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