Friday, April 15, 2011

painting sheep~

(***I am out in the lambing stalls again this morning  ~ if you want to see little lamb pics, just scroll to the next postings!)

The last few weeks of March I worked with all kinds of mediums I wasn't familiar with.  I loved the messy place I found myself in.  I finished my first collection of "bless ewes" and in celebration of the first week of our lambing, I wanted to share what is fresh from my studio!

 It is so funny, I had such a different idea for these supplies (Jennifer, you understand?) but the paint ended up landing in just the right spots.  

 "We are here on earth to do good for others, What the others are here for I do not know."  
(ewe o1)

 (ewe o2)

 (ewe o3)

 (ewes o4)

(romeo o2)
These pictured all have a sweet little quote, the next six have a little verse.  
I think I love them, I really do...  

Thank you my artsy- friends for supporting  all of my lambing skills...
I have to fund my lamby-loves somehow!

In His Grace today,
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