Monday, April 11, 2011

oh my heart~

The barnyard is quiet today.  It is so strange to have so many ewes here and have it be so still.  The sounds of quiet little lambs and answering Mums is muffled from where I stand.  All I see are ewes.  They are shorn and shivering.  The chilly ewes stand together making a warm fleece blanket of themselves.  None of them are wearing bells ~ that is the sound I am missing.  There is no distinctive sound of chiming you would typically hear.  Just munching and crunching.

I dreamt about the white dogs last night and I am worried.  I haven't seen any here.  Great Pyrenees dogs are always present in the herds of sheep.  They watch over the sheep with mother-like concern and are the great defenders when there is any sign of trouble.  We sent four sweet dogs out to the desert and none have returned?

The shepherd and his son are across the field.  I make my way to where they are and we joke and word-play with my skimpy Spanish.  I just got home from Spain and they are both entranced with everything I tell them.  I pull out a sweet find from my trip ~ a Barcelona football.  Oh, happy day! 

Luis is so giddy it makes me tear up. 

Along with the sheep, I have missed his sweet face.  The shepherd of the flock.  He goes home during the winter months and comes here to stay 24/7 during lambing.  I don't really know when he sleeps, he is always on call.  He is sweet, gentle and cares for each little soul.  He is my amigo, my friend.  His son is here to help this year as well~ thankfully.  It is a huge job.

The lambing stalls are slowly filling with new life.  Ten happy little babes~ all spotted. They are so adorable I sit on my knees and swoon at each one.  Funny little guys covered in birthing mess and hay, some are napping, some our loudly crying.  In the terrible snow only two were lost, born in the dark of night they weren't found quickly enough to be saved.

A set of twins mark the first spring casualties.

The noses, the little sweet mouths.  The fierce eyes of the Mum.  The smell of warm lanolin.  

I see and love on one of the great herding dogs~ Olie.  Very muddy and out of breath, this one knows everything about the farm.  I ask tentatively the men,

"Donde esta los blanca perros?" Where are the white dogs?  Do you know where they are?
I have to hold my breath, guarding my heart for the answers to come.

The shepherd smiles and points to his sheep trailer, "Seven."

I don't understand until I go look for myself.

Oh, my heart~    

What happened in the desert didn't stay in the came home.  Seven new puppies?  I am seriously  going to melt with joy.  God is so good.

Welcome to this blessed barnyard,
always in His loving care,
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