Friday, April 29, 2011

i adore you~

This newest Blessed Barnyard image (2o11) is in two lovely treasuries today ~ The Kiss Seen Around the World & What a difference a Day Makes.  Happy tributes to an *all your dreams come true* special day!

As a girl born with a photographer's hungry eye, the spectacle in England today was so delicious.  The colors, the faces, the lighting, the smiles~ Oh, how I wish I could have been right there with camera in hand!  I loved it all.  (Lisa, my sweet British friend, you must be over the moon with happiness!)

Did you love it too?

Later in the morning I ended up at the farm with the littlest lambs.

We had some problems today with a couple of ewes, two died after childbirth and one had a really bad delivery (a prolapsed uterus).  Many times with so many delivering ewes we can find another Mum and try to graft the little lamb.  This is typically hard to do, the Mums fight it or the babies don't respond to the new Mum (don't nurse).  It can work, it just takes a very doting Mum and great patience.

The little orphaned lambs today were so sweet they absolutely stole my heart.  We had four lambs not make it today, they were too weak, but three are still thriving.  Out of thousands of babies, how is it that a couple can just open the flood gates of my heart?  Probably because I have seen/experienced so much death lately? It is hard to leave the sweet peas in a cold pen, knowing they may not survive.  I have been trying to bottle feed them, hoping they are old enough to understand it ~ I am ending up with more milk on me than in them.

If I do bring them home, I think I may name them after the frivolity of the day ~ don't you think it would be a fitting tribute?

Will, Kate, and Harry?

Or Pomp, Union Jack, and Kisses?

Hmm...What do you think?

A few more images from today~

 Luis finding little lambs that need extra nourishment, he has a little friend~ 

 A new babe out in the warm sun waiting for his Mum to acknowledge his existence~

 Cutest faces and personalities, isn't he a cutie? 

 Brilliant white on this love bug, so pretty compared to the mud strew lambs out in the meadow!

I adore the profile and the tender little ears~ sweetness.

The collection of {Blessed Barnyard 2o11} goodness is coming together, new images are being hung in my studio (I have to love them to sell them!) and I am overwhelmed by the generous support you have given me about the latest images.  Thank you~

I hope you have a beautiful and brilliant beginning to your weekend~ May is here so soon?!  
Blessings to you and yours, 
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