Monday, March 7, 2011

urban iditarod~

(* As the preparations for the sheep continue these next few weeks,  I am getting involved in every creative mess possible~  The lamb stories will begin the end of this month, I promise!)

*   *   *   *   * 
I knew it was going to be a crazy month~  I knew it!

My sister, in a local city, asked me to come be a photographer for an Urban Iditarod she was organizing. Well, how can you turn that down?   Have you heard of this crazy idea?  It is teaming up with some fellow friends/coworkers/family/crazies, stealing borrowing a shopping cart, decorating yourself and the cart, and then foot racing around town. Can you believe people showed up for this wild idea?

The race was freezing cold.  It was punctuated by speed bumps, parked cars, moving cars, crosswalks, challenges from local businesses (like eating loads of ice cream & flipping rubber chickens in the air), all the teams were judged in various ways, and it also involved the hidden chaos of sabotage by fellow racers.
How can you not love that?

Crazy fun is the only way to describe it.  Here is a brief sample of its March mess~

The teams:  

the action:
More pics on flicker & the Taylorsville Iditarod blog.

Super fun for a photographer~ it was actually a lot like chasing sheep.  I even wore my sheep bibs.

Here's to the messy barnyard of our lives~
may your March be marked with just as much messy adventure!

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