Friday, March 18, 2011

my spring studio

I am pretty sure my studio looks different than most.

To be truthful, most of my inspiration, notes, photos, divine sparks happen right here.  This is my playground (and my therapy!).  It is wet, muddy, and cold today but the wildest joy rises up in me in this place.

It is home to my heart.   

Hello darling girl.  
Your haircut is so pretty~ look how nicely they trimmed your sweet face.

Look how much I have to work with?!   I have too much material here~ 

* the color of the dirt
* the way the snow falls lightly on the wood fencing
* playful herding dogs running about (what are they saying to one another?)
* tiny mice that scamper just out of reach
* tufts of wool from shearing ~ soft white and yummy in clumps around my boots
* swans flying overhead
* lambing stalls in wait
* a ewe's honest and appreciative look
* the smell of wet alfalfa
* the promise of lamb love~

In acknowledgement of the mess this March, I have kept up my crazy vigil of embracing it all.  If it is messy~ it is mine.

I have only had a few days of apprehension - new things can be scary, but I haven't turned down a crazy thing.  Not all of my ideas have turned out as well as I hoped.  Many days were spent in messy-mode with sick children and a sick spouse.  Sometimes I felt unproductive by spending time experimenting new modes of art or in lengthy online classes.  Sitting and studying were a good thing...I have learned so much.

I have definitely learned that not all paints are have to experiment to know what they do~

That painting with bubble wrap is really fun and super messy~

That when I include what I LOVE into something, I love it.  I do.  I haven't painted anything in years and so the whole notion of what to use and how to use it in mixed mediums was a bit overwhelming.  Once I got started and stayed with it it was enjoyable & it felt so free.  With photography I don't usually have my hands covered in paint, scratching glue off of a face with my fingernail.  It was really a different part of my creative brain~

Do you have different creative loves that are opposites as well?  I think it is a healthy thing (I am telling myself as I look at the big mess I made all over the counter!). 

I took the idea of all the sheep waiting for me by the gate and thought it turned out happy & colorful.  Next,  I  took a sheep I stitched this winter and set out to create one on canvas.  

It worked~ his name is Romeo.  Sweet.

And here is the new Romeo in town.  You have to watch your back with this one, too.  He is a bit wild~

So much to learn~

Thank you Jennifer for the fun on Fridays~
Love and sheeps to you my sweetest online family & friends!

Always in His Grace & Peace,
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