Thursday, March 3, 2011

my cup overflows~

Today the rain is falling and will soon turn to snow, again.  It is sometimes hard to keep motivated when spring seems so far away?  It will come won't it?

In this blustery storm, I thought a great treat would be to share some new color, new artists, new ideas?  Want to see?

On my work table.  Every order that goes out from my shop is lovingly created here and this beautiful work by my friend Jennifer reminds me of why I do what I do...

This is such tiny treasure of beauty ~ I adore this teenie little piece.  Amy Elise is so gifted at these tiny canvases and she always has something new.  (this picture isn't very good, I will fetch another)

My friend Bridget has set up shop to create these little wonderments of our "one words" for this year. She made this tiny banner for my desk and an even tinier version for my computer/purse/mirror (you get the idea?).  LOVE this.  You need one...or two...
Jennifer from the Blue Barn sent me out this rocking envelope of goodies from the blog hop in February.  I am so excited to dig into all this springtime goodness!  
I don't have a local shop (for 60 miles?), so for me this is a jackpot!  
I love random things like this...Thank you Jennifer~

Chelsey is getting her shop set up again after a wild makeover.  I love her fresh blooms.   
These flowers are the happiest funeral flowers I can remember.  I am so grateful for creative girls that have stepped out to use their talents to bless those around them.  To bless me. 

What a blessing we can be to others when we step into our own creative space?  
Yes and amen? 

a have a few more lovelies to come...

may you be blessed with a (happily) messy March!

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