Monday, March 21, 2011

a few spring favs~

If I could do anything today, it would be to sit with this darling artist and watch her work.  
The creations that come out of her head & heart are so wildly fun and outrageous! I am always in (giggling)  awe.  

I also perused these sweet artists...
Don't you love to see what others see (inside their heads) & then are able to make real?


Sporting some wool bling in the field, these lambs from Ohio are darling! 

 This darling apron from Bellybaloo ~ how cute is that?! 

& this treasure that I already purchased and LOVE in my funny! 
Val is a treasured friend & a darling artist.  Hugs to you wild & whimsical friend! 

Much love and lamb hugs~ 

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