Saturday, March 26, 2011

thank you~

(working on new headers for this year, too)

I have to share & send a huge hug of thanks for my new splash page slideshow.  My sweet friend/techie wonder, Kelley Howe,  put it together for me this week.  It is so lamb love!  She mixed in new little lambs with all the other favs...oh, is so cute!  Thank you!!!

I think it may need a bit of sound, what music do you put little lambs/farm/puppies to?

Check it out~

I am loving all the spring cleaning change ups on the blogs I have visited recently ~ so colorful & inspiring!  You all make it look so easy~ it isn't!!!  

If you have some wonderful changes and want to share, leave your blog/site address in the comments so we can all see!  :o)  

love & lambs~

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