Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a bit of lamb & paint~

(little lambs on their way home~ to their new homes)

There are times when these little lambs steal my heart anew and I get so excited that I am in the middle of something so fresh and good.  I think the other fun that is the visual idea of the person opening their order on the other side of my mailing.  What fun to see his/her face as the lambs appear.  I just get so excited every time I send a package~

I was blessed last week to be able to attend a "soup & art" fest with my Mum and Grandmother (sister, too).  It was a really sweet treat to walk among these painters, photographers, and mixed medium artists and love on their works ~ plus eat food from some of the finest eateries in town.  I wasn't sure about having my camera out, so I was hesitant to take many photos, but this one was so interesting of an artist that lives close to me.

As much as I love artists work ~ I also am so excited by their choice of mediums, their working methods (the gloves?), and their studios.  I love being able to visit artists in their studios, to see where their works are birthed.  Obviously this is her makeshift studio ~ well used. 

What does it take to try something new.  What works inside of us to try something we haven't experimented with in years (or ever?).  Can I share a bit of reading?

"It is one of the paradoxes of the sustained creative life that the more lightly we take ourselves, the more serious work we will probably be able to do.  The more we bear down on ourelves the more constricted we will feel, an the more vulnerable we will be to creative injury."  
(from Walking in this World, Julia Cameron)

"To create, you must empty yourself of every artistic thought"  
Gilbert (of Gilbert and George)

So I tried. Let go of what I thought art + me could be and I decided ~ I love it.  It is really so fun~ I have paint in the crevices of my fingers, fingerprints on my clothes, smile beaming across my face.  Trying new things without fear of failing is intoxicating.  It is like being a little girl again and being able to dabble in anything I want?

I have been creatively blocked for years, but being let loose on the barnyard with freedom to try, create, and learn has been the sweetest gift in being able to stretch in new ways.  The pathway to freedom is just getting started and getting messy~ I promise. 

I thought you might like a look at my latest Romeo. 

If you have something creatively percolating inside of you that you really want to try~ just remember to not take yourself too seriously and go for it.  Just be filled with great courage and know that I am cheering for you!
In His Grace & Peace,
love and lambs~ 

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