Sunday, February 13, 2011

still inspired~

(a collection of Sunday stills ~ idea:  Sara's blog)

It is so fun to have an extra hour on a quiet morning to make my way through the blogs I love.  Many of my loved blogs I have known for a while.  A couple of which are dear sisters to me.  A few are trusted teachers and one, I know, must have lived along side me in a monastery in a past life~ seriously!

Spending time in another's creative space is like a mini-vacation? Leaving home, pushing their door open with a joyous "Well, hello!" and sitting a while in their warm and cozy space.  

Don't you have your blog favorites too?

I have a great many blogs I go to for writing inspiration.  Some are word heavy and light-me-up with their verbiage.  I can't be interrupted when I come across a fresh/lively writer - I get all twitterpated.  I will sit here and animatedly speak their phrases aloud, laughing at the way they put humor in chaos, and soulfully ache when a complicated matter can be made so accessible to my head/heart.

Do you know the ones I am talking about?  

Visual blogs are obviously my chocolate~

I love to go there, but if I am not careful I can over do it (I will bloat) and not get a thing done all day!  In looking at my bookmarks I don't have consistent visual favorites, isn't that odd?  I like to go wherever I go ~ like a serendipitous walk.  I love photography blogs, I love the hyper-attention they give their creative space, always entertaining.  I love other mediums of art too, especially if it is new to me.  I hang out in wooly places, quilter's corners, watercolorist's sketch books, and scrapbookers messy tables.  It is so fun to visit creative girls that are pushing out the boundaries of their art~ sharing their energy & vitality.  Sometimes it is just in the image someone will choose to share...I get all wrapped up in it.  

Do you have a special loves like this, too?  Perhaps it is a fetish for a food blog? Or a stitching blog? Something deliciously new?

I listened to a podcast this past week, a creative girl talking about her *inspiration collecting*.  We share the same focus - in that she sees her world as a inspiration playground and she can find good material anywhere - anywhere!  She referenced a story of making an amazing creative discovery in a soup aisle that transformed her artistic style.  Souper cool!

She also grabbed my attention with a serious statement, something that I  know about myself - but wouldn't have said with my out-loud voice.  She said that if you are looking at blogs to be inspired, make sure you stop when the electricity of good/happy/new ideas stops and you start feeling any pangs of inadequacy (my words - recounting what she shared).

I completely agree. I know when I am blog visiting and am feeling that flying-over-the-top energy and vitality - I feel great!  And, now I recognize when I tumble into feelings of being overwhelmed or somehow lacking in talent, energy, interest - I will hurry and click away.  It is okay, perhaps it just isn't the right day?

You can always visit tomorrow? 

About an online life, I say~

  • Get mixed up in the wealth of creative wonder here online, there is abundant goodness. Jump in!
  • Connect with friends ~ I have some of the best ever friends from this online space.
  • Grab inspiration, see it through others eyes and try new ideas in your own life.
  • Spend time in blogs that lift your spirits and use that positive goodness to bless others.
  • Learn something new everyday (from or for online purposes) and use it, the learning curve is less curvy that way! Learn what HTML means to you?
  • Blog/Write/Create for the audience of you.  What is in your heart to share?  
  • If you spend the time to blog, it should be joyous. For me it isn't easy or simple, but it is filled with goodness.  Why spend time doing something you don't enjoy?
  • Seek for ways to make your blog a blessing for others and for you to visit~  I smiled all day when I posted the photos of my "tiny ones" photo-shoots.  Every time I clicked on my blog a huge beaming grin would jump across my face. Yes!
  • Encourage~ when you find blogs you connect with, leave a smiling note.  It is like a ray of sunshine for someone trying to spread their wings.  

If you are not a blogger but wish you were~  Let me tell you, it really is worth every minute for me.  When I don't have the time/energy to be posting something on these white pages, I end up doing it in my sleep!  If you want to start blogging this year, just do it.  I will be your friend in this place, I am here for you.

(Joshe sharing his version of Jesus & a butterfly)

I will write about my process this week ~ perhaps it can help you to take the next step? 
If you are a seasoned blogger, what would you share about your blogging life? 

love and lambs today,   
this is a beautifully blessed day~

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