Friday, February 25, 2011

so messy~

The kitty and I are barely hanging on in wait of lambing season.  We struggle to know what to do with our selves until April arrives.  So we decided to go with something crazy~

Want to come over and make a big mess?

"Coffee falls into the stomach...ideas begin to move, things remembered arrive at full gallop...the shafts of wit start up like sharpshooters, similes arise, the paper is covered with ink..."    
                                                                                                            -Honore de Balzac 

I adore that quote, it super-charges me for what the day will bring~

This week, a good friend talked to me about her blogging.  She realized her online space was literally a manifestation of the *inner workings* of her interior life.  A real time projection of what she was feeling and going through - good, bad, ugly, sad.  As much as I understand that, it is a bit frightening in a way to think of yourself so exposed, naked in a very emotional way...but liberating too.

So now when you visit, you and I both will know where my heart is resting or what is rolling around inside my head. Oh, my. Well her words came at just the right time.  For as much as I want to tell you/show you how organized and accomplished I am ~ my ego's great desire (and lie)  ~ I will choose to be transparent with myself and with you.

This week, I am a mess.  A messy tumble of energy, color, and notes, but in a good way.
Can I tell you why?


It is time to start something new.  It is that time of year when artistic chaos reigns in my life.  If I look back at the past, it is always the same.  March is for messes.  There are of course many potent reasons - perhaps an annual re-creation of grade school art?  A fondness for drawing things I would never show anyone?  Or the  great love I have of rubber cement?

No, more likely the reason is lack of sunshine and dirt.  Like a green-sprout, this girl needs an outside life.  The sheep/lambing is still a month away and it is so long to wait!  Outside now the snow-white weeks have dragged on into months of bitter-grey and soon into cold-sludgy brownish-grey.  Yuck.  So, something new with much color is in order!    

The other reason? I don't want to start spring cleaning yet, I really don't.

I am looking forward to March.  March is my seriously messy month.  It is typically the month I load up on online classes, new books, and field trips.  It is a great time to *learn something new* and jump on brilliant ideas that come from the messy projects.  I already have a bit of a list going...

Want to jump into the March mess with me?

Play with new materials & mediums, take inspiration boards and actually use the them, stretch into new online communities, be super learning-curvy, and yes...make big fat globby messes.  One of the best things to come of a tussle with newness is the opportunity to find new loves in the mix.  I never would have found the farm - the blessed barnyard - if it wasn't for a messy March day.  

(I know, he is darling ~ a Barcelona-modernista frog from my Mum.  
A brilliant collage of color)

So as March approaches, excitement builds.

What will this March bring?

What can I learn/see/do in these few weeks?

What fresh new brilliant thing is God breathing into my life?

What would you put on that kind of a list?

*     *     *     *     *

In finishing up February, I really am excited to share.  This is my month long *page-a-day* LOAD project.  I am pumped!  I have loved the intensity of daily creative play, the way it forces every-bit-of-me into the work, reminds me the of the good that comes doing the task - even if I don't want to.  I have done some of my best work in those situations~   

Do you thrive in daily creative intensity too?  

Yesterdays project...
(the inspiration ~ a list of some kind & embracing imperfection)

After cutting out tiny little pics (mini wallets) and adding a bit of Hawaii color.  I stitched the lines in and added my silly chalk hearts. In just a short time I came up with these two pages of our trip to Oahu at Thanksgiving~ 

Messy and colorful and just right~ I love it.

I am so thrilled to almost be finished with this month of daily pages ~ yeah!    

*     *     *     *     *

So, if you are in the doldrums of late winter and need a fresh idea, come on over!  If you need a friend to hold your hand when you don't know what gesso is or if learning to make homemade bread is too complicated to think through.  Just grab an idea off your messy March list and lets just try it together?  

I will share my crazy-fun list this weekend~ 

love & lambs,

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