Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a month of sticky love~

I am doing a month of *daily love creations*~ a wild mix of words & thoughts that come from my heart.  I am committed to doing at least one page a day and posting them on a flicker group.  It is a great idea, I love the community of happy scrapbookers, and it keeps my eyes focused on such good things.   

It gets late some nights, but I have kept my eyes open.  It has overwhelmed me with how blessed I am~ piles of images all over my table, happy words swirling around my head, and bits of glued paper stuck to my fingers. I can see how the boys are growing and how I am growing.  It seems to slow my internal clock? I am more mindful of the ways things have changed around here.  I am seeing the boys more clearly.

I have been doing personality pages and sheep stories for myself and my fam, I know they will love them someday. I want to record these moments, everything changes so fast, and I want them to see the glory of God in this day-to-day place.  It is here~ He is here~
~   ~   ~   

I decided in the mix of this to make a few creations to *gush my adoration* for my online sisterhood.  I can't believe how blessed I have been this year to collect such talented, eclectic, and darling friends & nuns...

It says "she loved life and it loved her right back~"  

I am putting all the little emails, notes, letters, and prayers in an envelope on the next page~ every little one. It is my sweet little keepsake of *happy*~ 

Here are a few more~

So, perhaps Valentines isn't over...perhaps it will go on all month?

Thinking and praying for you in this place today,
grace & peace
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