Sunday, February 27, 2011

march messes~

 (sweet lambs are from last spring right after a monster snow storm~ love them)

I wrote earlier this week about getting ready for a messy situation. I have realized this about myself and this year I am just going to embrace it~ March is for messes. I am taking it as a bit of a silly challenge to myself...So I have listed a bunch of things I have in my notebook to work on, play with, try out, and learn from~  

My messy list~
*  paint with my fingers (all of them) 
*  try every medium of art I can ~ taking a class "the She Art Workshop" and planning on making a huge mess
*  read "The hidden life of deer" (Pam's suggestion) and watching/document the new fawns (hopefully)
*  bake some no-knead bread (yum)
*  learn a couple of new Mexican soup recipes ~ jalapeƱos & cilantro addiction 
*  plant early greens ~ spinach, onions, beets, horseradish? 
*  run stairs & practice acupressure
*  photograph an inner-city Iditarod - grocery carts & costumes are involved?
*  put together a new product for my sweet Etsy shop - very excited about it...(sneak peek soon)
*  get my wellies for the farm (i finally chose my blunnies)
*  learn new cs5 techniques I have wanted to learn (3 new things)
*  figure out how to work Vimeo & post a short video 
*  spend time with friends & encourage their creative work~ 
*   pray daily for a heart to see God's creative work in action ~ show me Your glory!  
*   go on artist dates~ with a friend & alone
*   practice my conversational Spanish for Spain (20 yr. anniversary)

Okay, sound like too much?  Sound too benign or too difficult?  I tried to include something from every aspect of my life and things I could include the family in, too.  I can't wait to tell them what we are doing! (Ha!)

It is exciting to have my list posted and I am proud to be calendaring in the details.  Just one day at a time.  I needed a bit of structure to my grey days and this will do.  This will do. 

Do you have plans too?  I hope so.  Leave me a link to what you are doing and perhaps we can share in each others happy discoveries?  

grace & peace from the barnyard of life, 

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