Monday, February 28, 2011

the last sticky loves

As February is ending, so too is my obsession with making a page a day (LOAD).  Making the commitment was a hard thing to do, there were definitely days I was dragging my feet, but I am thrilled with the goodness that came from such a hard task.  Yeah!   

Here are a few pages from this week~ 

 Joe and I on one of our evening adventure rides~

 Joshe being his cute self and me commenting on his sweet-heart. 

 DH typing out his first text...oh my!  

Joe being brilliant on the soccer field~ 

Ben and I in NYC~ love this photo (thanks Mitz!)

Peter was left out of the mix this week?

The best part of this whole experience was watching my sons look and read over their pages as they hung on the wall.   And tucking little Joshe into bed last night, with him telling me, very quietly, how it was making him cry to read all of the nice things I said about our family.  Oh, mercy!

That is worth every minute I spent...

I love you boys, 
in God's grace & peace, 
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