Sunday, February 20, 2011

deer friends~

~   ~   ~   ~   
As evening approaches the little herd moves in, always rooting around the trees first.  The sweet deer are here at day break and evening, their favorite time of day.  They crunch on the bark of the tree or nibble on a bit of left carrot in the snow, they have already taken up all my tulip bulbs this year.

Tonight as I saw them coming, I opened a kitchen window and threw out some old apples.  Not a bit of fear or hesitation, they came right up to the house and thanked me ~ I thought that was the look they gave me ~ before they moved past me, into the snowy night.

The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.  
- oscar wilde

(I know I have shared another photo like this, but it amazes me the interaction the kitty has with these deer.  She loves to see them and is captivated in every way when they arrive.  
Not worry or concern, just a curious little heart.  Sweet.)
~   ~   ~   ~   

With love from God who provides for these furry creatures
 and blesses my heart with these sweet friends,

May your day be blessed with little beating hearts... 

Yes and Amen~
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