Friday, January 21, 2011

my winter addiction~ freelance photography

 I have been working with a friend on her new little shop on Etsy.  Can I just tell you how much fun this is?

*     *     * 
I think it must be a real call on my life ~to create and help others create~ I looove this kind of art-play.

 Bridget is the lovely designer of all things burlap (literally - all things), and she brings out new products every time I see her. And then there is me, a girl crazy for creative friends/projects, an addiction to burlap, and a lens frozen to my fingers and face~  these are a few of our images (and outtakes) from the past week of shooting items for her shop... atCompanyb  (she has so many items to add...please check on her later, too)

With any photo shoot, I try to read my friend/clients mind.  What are their ideas/loves/ hopes? What is their style? Sometimes it is simple and clear, and sometimes we sit for a while and talk it through.  I love seeing what others see so it is always fun to participate in their visions.

Because I am the photographer I have decisions to make. I take time to prepare.  I practice with light, I practice with color, the time of day, and lenses.  There is a great deal of work that goes on before and after a photo-shoot.  For our shoot to be successful, I have to be ready in every way (I keep a checklist).  I do like to have fun though, so some of my prep is a hot latte and chit-chatting with neighbors about shooting in their yards or using their barns.  The best method?  Either plan on chatting for a long time - making friends, or don't give them enough time to think, just ask quickly and get right to busy-work.  Both work brilliantly.

After that we are at the mercy of many other factors~ time of day/lighting, weather - right now snow and freezing cold, what elements we want in the photos (a colored barn, grapevine, peeling green paint, a rusty truck, a dirt lane).  I love working with nature.  Not only is the light better but I always feel like God has a greater hand in what transpires and I trust His hands.  I just open my heart and hands to what He shows me and it hasn't failed once.

I also hold a serious prayer in my heart, speaking it out loud before each photo shoot.  I ask for help, guidance, clarity of thought (a biggie), and I also pray for those I am going to see.  I pray that they will have a peaceful heart, that things will go smoothly and that they can feel love and joy.  I pray for our time together.

(given a bit of vintage wash during processing~)

I also pray that I will be led to the right places to shoot, that I will be able to see what God sees...

And then~ I try to get out of His way and get ready...

Even though I am more confident about the photo shooting experience, I am always excited (the butterflies kind of anticipation) because I know something good is going to happen.

It is addictive, this God thing~

*     *     * 
With this new little shop created, we decided that my payment would be a sharing of product ~ I now have the most beautiful banners!  She also gave me permission to use some of her images for Valentines.

Isn't that cool?

"God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with"   
                                                                                                     -Billy Graham
Thank you, all my online friends for your love and support of me this past *wildly creative* year,
your hands blessed me with so much love.  I am forever grateful~

love and lambs,

((I did some photo work for another friend's etsy shop last month and loved it, too.  Images here.))
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