Sunday, January 16, 2011

a *live* book

I am still collecting~

With all my messy collecting, I am doing some practical clean up this weekend.  I have gone around the house picking up the bits & pieces of life from this past year.  Then, I armed myself with paper, glue, stapler, and much determination and I am putting them all in one special place.  With forty years of practice I should be able to do this well?

As I have looked around the blogs I have noticed quite a few of us are learning new things and creating, always a treat to all are all a very inspiring group of artists.  For my little part, I am working on a couple of year-long projects I am giddy about.

I have a book that where I purposefully collected thoughts, aspirations, "dreams-come-true" and little quotes/verses for my *one word* study for the past 4 years.  I love it.  It is corduroy and soft, it has happy thoughts attached to it and it is all mine.  I am sure someday when my boys are going through my things (when I am gone) they will think it is hilarious.  I love that, I think that is part of the fun~  I hope to always make them laugh.

(some of the photos from last years *one word*  HANDS)
So, I have taken my token remembrances of my word from last year ~HANDS~ and put those meaningful pages together for that book.  I have also taken all my newbie-lovelies from this year's word ~LIVE~ and with my own handwriting I listed out definitions, synonyms, and some cool quotes and put them inside, too. Very personal and quite darling.

Now I have a home for everything coming into my life from my new divine & brilliant word. Yes!

Are you playing along?  Have you decided on a word too?  Oh, come on~

My other project is a continuation from last year, it is a family/year book - but I am going to call it my a-LIVE book (see, I am already using my word!).

This will be the "right here/right now" book.  I have set it out upstairs where I can quickly print some pics, add some words and it will be a funky/fun time-capsule for this year 2011.  Great big pages for notes, enlarged photos, and whatever makes me happy.  And tiny pages to collect things like grocery lists, quotes, or even one of Joshe's teeth (I know, gross).  So in fulfillment of my word for this year...this will bless me with a more daily awareness and be a simple way to document it?

The only problem I see is all the pages I know I will use on the lambs...I may have to get another book?

 (a couple of pages from last year's book~ January and February)

I know I am not the only one working on new projects during these months of hibernation ~  What are you doing this week?  Learning something new?  Reading a great new book?  Creating a new item for your shop?  Making soup that is delicious?  Send me a link...I would love to see.

grace & peace,
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