Sunday, January 23, 2011

lead up to LOAD

(*Note:  If you just want to look at sweet lamb pictures, just skip to the next post~)

As wild/crazy/fun projects sometimes do...they lead me into places I didn't know I was going.
Has this ever happened to you?  

I joined a spunky fun class a year ago called LOAD 2o1o. An online classroom of girls committed to putting together a scrapbook page each day for a month and posting it online (flicker).  In simpler terms, it is taking favorite memories (stories) + photos, adding artist ingredients -paper & glue- and creating delightful memory a month.  Sound  fun?  Sound crazy?    

I have done a couple of these challenges successfully before with Stacy Julian (September 'o9 - I called it September Sisters) and "week in the life" projects/ December Daily with Ali Edwards.  So, I felt quite confident that I could do it all.

Well, I couldn't do it all~
Have you ever gotten your self into something like that?

I did finish LOAD last year, but I wasn't able to keep up the pace during the last two weeks, and even though I felt fine about finishing pages into March, it would have been fun to pull-it-all-out during those last few nights (I am a bit competitive I think).  So, when I heard from Lisa about the class again, LOAD 2o11, realizing that February really is the only time to get this much writing-work done (during hibernation), and getting all giddy about being involved in something creative-crazy again...I went for it~

But, in order to be successful, I need to remember who I really am and appreciate my strengths and limitations.  So I got very real with myself this weekend and came up with this~
  • I am a simple girl so I need to keep everything simple.  
  • I need to make quick decisions and not be so damn picky. 
  • I have a busy home so I need to keep a good schedule.  If I have obligations I will have to make sure I get up early and fit it in or leave something out, say dinner? :o)
  • I don't do well late at night (shoot), so I need to start early in the morning. 
  • I have a large workspace that holds all of my work/projects/creative messes and I have to make sense of it all...I will straighten up everyday.  (I sound like my own mother)
  • Labels!  It helps to have a home for things finally.     
  • I am focused on content, so I planned a quiet place to write and gave myself three new pens.
  • I have some ideas already written out...I will take all my notes, quotes, verses, ideas and add them to the box (see above), so I don't have to look for them.
  • I am visual.  I have a wire inspiration board - I load it up and change it often.  I promised my *wire of inspiration* that I would keep all my wonderments with her for the month and that she would be my first stop every morning.  This is where it all percolates.
  • I ordered enlargements of some favorite photos that I want to use and have them ready to go.   
  • I made a place for my finished product.  I want to be able to see it and love it. 
  • I ran out of steam with uploading my pages last time (I took photos of my pages). I am going to use my scanner.
  • I need rewards along the way...I need to plan a list of those.  Do you have special treats for getting things done too?  Lattes?  Chocolate? A walk in the park? 
  • My other failing was in stalling on a couple of words + pics that didn't come together quickly.  I need to have a master list of ideas that I can quickly access.  Sometimes I don't want to write/work on something?
  • I have an Etsy shop that may or may not be busy during February and so I made a rolling shipping cart for me to keep up with orders that I have.  (I wasn't sure what to do with my table full of *shipping* supplies until I had to get organized for this event! Yes!)  
*  *  *  *  * 
    So, as busy as it has been this weekend with too many boys and creative chaos, I feel like I have made great progress. I needed to get serious. I found that as I was organizing my life to take on this challenge, it was really carrying over into my other work as well.  This is good.

    I am tickled that I found myself in this group of creative bliss once again.  I love an outlet for all my favorite things, and to share that passion with others is the best. This actually is the best reward.  Thanks Lisa~ 

    Here's to a great month full of words + pics (+ load) = love~
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