Wednesday, January 26, 2011

her blessing~

My little Hillary Hope, my oldest daughter, left to heaven many years ago (1988-1998).  She is on my mind and in my heart this week.  To me, this is her week ~ the holy hour of her leaving.  I share this with you because it is a gift (and I love to share gifts).  In her time here and away, she has always brought such divine gifts into my life and this one is so good.  
~  ~  ~  ~  ~
Years ago, as Hillary went to bed every night, her prayers were always the same.  Not a prayer for things, or people, or hopes or fears, but a very sweet..."please bless all the animals in the world." It always brought such a smile to my face,  knowing how much she treasured these precious creatures tame and wild.  Everyone just knew that about is Hillary to love the creatures.

She died in a horse accident in January 24, 1998.  

This past week, as I looked over my pictures from this past year, I collected several that really touched my heart.  I noticed that in my life this year, the overriding theme has been the presence of thousands of animals into my inner circle.  I have been overwhelmed by furry encounters.  I have been consumed by what they have taught me and how deeply they penetrated my heart.  I blog about it, write about it, take pictures of it...What is this about?  What is God doing with all of these creatures in my life?    

I have always loved animals, but this year was different, very different.

I am overwhelmed with love for these sweet creatures and the way they are able to penetrate my heart in ways that people, places, and things cannot.  The looks on those woolly faces, the slobbery whiskers, little hearts beating with unconditional love, tails wagging, wings flapping, their excited curiosity for everything~ 
The divine light in their soul-filled eyes - I am constantly left without words.  They undo me.    

And I think I finally understand this great gift~

In Hillary's sweetest and most humble prayers, as she patiently blessed "all the animals in the world" each night ~ they were blessed And now I believe, that they in turn~ have turned that blessing on me~
That precious prayer, that sweet little prayer, has come full circle in my life and I feel the deepest connection to that holy gift.  They are slobber-loving all over me!  How can I be so blessed? 

(You have my permission to giggle~ it may only make sense to me :o)
~  ~  ~  ~  ~

In thoughtful introspection this week, they have been teaching me about life anew.  
The profound gifts of~

living     dying 
living in this moment
passion for life

Thank you~ my sweet Hillary and all your little whiskered friends. I love you and am so grateful for you.  I hope you are having a wild/fun/crazy time in that wonderful place we will all call home - we miss you.

(My Hillary, summer 1997)

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Dear online/blogger friends...I am praying for your hearts today, too. If you need to know that God hears prayers~ I promise you He does.  I pray that your heart and eyes will see what God's grace & peace look like in your life~ 

It is so good~  I promise you.

From lamby land,
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