Monday, December 13, 2010

the twelfth day peek~

A quick peek at what I see today in our holiday prep~  

The tree is out and being filled with nature ~ leaves, twigs, sprigs, nests fallen from trees, and white balls of eucalyptus.  What do you love to decorate with?

A look outside the front porch at a cute bench I am using for family pictures for friends.  It is on its last leg (for real) but it is so sweet.  I will have to look for another this summer.

And the red bench that we used for our family picture - which took less than 15 minutes - a world record! Mainly because everyone was done with me in 10 will soon see...

So many images and things to share this time of year. Some are timeless treasures and things I never want to forget and some are silly parts of our daily lives right now.

What images do you want to keep this season?  What is new this year?  What really is calling to you ~ take time to document it today, you will love yourself for doing it.  I find myself making more notes this time of year of memories I don't want to forget...the emotional triggers are all right there, aren't they?

A Monday hug to you on all your adventures this week~
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