Thursday, December 23, 2010

snow blessed

 Undone.  I received this brilliant little purse from a dear friend from all the way around this world.  I love her blog and have loved getting to know her this year, but this was my undoing.  Oh, bless your sweet heart Joan, anyone that knows me knows that this is my heart~

* * * 
The sky is the same color as the snow today, a shimmery silver-grey.  The boys had a snow day this week (snow day:  too much snow for snow plows and school buses - school is cancelled.  A rare treat in a mountain town - it never happens - and a wildly exciting morning for boys that are already dressed for school, there was wild jumping).  So what did we do?  Get out in it of course.

With all four sons home, they found fun in the snow storm and their wet soggy clothes piled up.  

* * *  
I am huddled on the big rug in my workroom this afternoon, wrapping a couple of things that I found (I hide things from myself so well!) and thinking about the lump in my throat and heaviness in my heart.

I don't believe it is because I am sad.  I don't feel sad.  The run up to the holidays was busy and a bit crazy, but I don't feel too overwhelmed.  I just feel close to tears ~ all the time.  I think it is a case of "tender heart"?  Do you struggle with this as well?  Do you feel like you may come apart when you remember firsts and last holidays with those you love?  Songs that hurt with a good and bad kind of ache?  Yep, me too.    

I remember things during the holiday, things that I am typically too busy to think about...they land on me like a those big snowy flakes in the storm.  I find myself at the kitchen sink lost in thought, making all kinds of connections this year to the sheep and my experiences at the farm ~ that's always enough to send me over the edge.  I am a different person because of those lambs.

Do you find that you are in a new place this year as well?

Seeing Christmas cards open on my counter always make me tear up, too, like beautiful little gifts to open all month.  Treasures that I so look forward to.  I think of all the traditions of the holidays... I love Christmas cards the most.

* * * 
 I thought I would share my afternoon table of treats with you tonight~

 A peek at one of my favorite artists ~ Amber Alexander.  I want one of each of her precious birds and animals.  This one is a special gift ~

A package of creative chaos ready for helping me to put pictures + words together after the holiday.  Do you take the time to document your time together?  It means so much to look back and see (plus if you can't remember what you did last year it helps!).

Our favorite gingerbread cookie recipe is ready for busy hands this afternoon.  Yummy fun.  

Our sweet little Christmas card/message/photo this year.

The last of our neighbor gifts by the back door. Want a peek?

* * * 
Thank you to all of you that have done so much to help & encourage me this year.  May God richly bless you for it...I am overwhelmed by your tender care of my heart.

Warm hugs tonight~

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