Wednesday, December 1, 2010

a little bit busy~

          (an adorable etsy etsy!)

I am so guilty of the above sentiment.  I have re-written tomorrows *to-dos* and I am seriously questioning my sanity.  However, I seem to do this to myself all the time.  I must thrive on this type of insane creative is seems to be where I am most alive?  (crazy-alive?)

      (not my earrings, but a cute pic from the shop last week)

I am included in a boutique in town tomorrow...a lovely shop I love that is hosting a few local artists.  It is the night of the Holiday home show here in town.  So... it is also a celebration that I am NOT in the home show this year~ yes!  (along with PTA, the home show just about killed me last year - yikes!)

The snow has fallen.  
The air is frigid.
I am always cold and wear my ski pants to run errands. 
The sheep are leaving to Nevada (headed west) for greener pastures - anything green.

Did you know I looove my camera?  I want to marry it...  :o)
I am shutter happy with family photos and a couple babies on the way.  So excited.
Have you ever noticed the bright light in children's eyes. When do people lose that sparkle?

My hope is that our Christmas is each year, always more *blissfully aware of Jesus*.  
I want to see and experience His light in everything and everyone.  He is here right now.  
Even the glistening (freezing cold) snow reminds me of Him.  Perfect peace~
My Joe is having his 12th birthday (only hours away) and he is so excited. I love twelves.
I have a cake to make?

Enough of my random thoughts...How is your first day of December looking?  

Grace and Peace to you on this cold winter night~
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