Wednesday, December 8, 2010

holiday notes from the farm~

The farm is quietly preparing for the holidays.  There has been snow, but now it is melted into bogs of mud.  Everything is a nice muddy brown ~ perhaps it is the new Christmas color this year?  I took my camera to the farm with the idea that I would document what life was like when the farm was so quiet.  Silly idea.  

As soon as I jumped the fence, they all came running.  No, not the dogs~ the sheep.  

The sweetheart ewe (in the drawing I showed you) is back to herself again.  Healthy and happy.  She was eager to hear about her new fame on the internet, a bit excited...  "Oh, my~ did I look just gorgeous?" 

Much has happened since my Thanksgiving trip~

The rams are gone.  

The sheep got loaded up for their winter vacation ~ I wasn't in town to see it but I am sure it was exciting!

Farmer sent all the white dogs (that's what they call them around here) with the sheep ~ yes, even the puppies.  I had to swallow hard when I heard that news.  How would I know that they were okay?  A huge part of being at the farm is constantly having to trust in goodness and mercy over these sweet animals...simply trusting...

The herding dogs are still here and are still sad ~ Luis is going to be gone until March.  They love him.  This little one will not leave Luis's side for a second when he is around, she is his "Robin".  They need some holiday distraction.  

There are a few new misfits at the farm.  You can tell by the markings on these sweeties that they have either been through the sorting pens or Farmer wanted them to look like strings of Christmas lights.  So colorful! 

A beautiful profile on this growing lamb~

This gal is a new one...quite the silly smile?  I think she is darling~

If you have noticed, the popular thing right now amongst the ewes is to let just one strand of grass hang out of your mouth like the cowboys do.  I am sure they picked it up from the guys at the corral.  Not very lady like.  (I guess it does take a bit of skill to do it just right though?) 

This little one is trying to get the hang of it...

And for those that wonder what the other sheep are up to...Yes, they have other things to be focusing on.  After spending all this time with me they are ready for their cover girl closeups.  An Anthropology catalogue this time?  Sweet.

And sweet Ace (the wonder dog) is away at school for a month.  Yes!  

Farmer sent Ace back to herding school.  The little guy wasn't given the right experiences he needed early in life to be able to herd the sheep (he wasn't raised with sheep).  But, he loves to herd and he loves the sheep.  He just drives us all crazy with his self-invented methods of "running to the middle and stirring up the pot", I call it his "blender" method.  Hopefully he can un-learn those ideas? 

He is finally in serious training and I am so happy for him!  I told Farmer that this was the best early Christmas gift I could think of for the farm. 

With so many things to treasure and be grateful for~ I hope your farm ~ wherever you may be is full of love and life today.  Open your eyes to what goodness is around you!

Grace and Peace,
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