Monday, December 6, 2010

current wonderments and cookies?

I am sharing some of my newly collected wonderments that are making me smile today. These crafters/sellers /brilliant artists are a delight.  Let me know if you have a great site to visit as well?  I love a great find...  

 (Threads that Bind)  a fuzzy picture off their site, but an adorable pattern idea?

I love a good project.  Something that I can sink my fingers into (literally) and sit on the couch at night with a warm blanket.  Sound good?   The daily work I do is so mentally focused - I want to not focus...
You, too?

I also like a project that has finish line. I know you are nodding your head in agreement.  I am thinking about a few sheep projects from this little shop.  They are darling.

Also being addicted to paper and glue, this site caught my eye.  Darling paper punched creations~ love them all and have already started punching my circles.  They are that easy.

I have a blue cat on my desk that she created.  He is my work mate and keeps track of the computer mouse. I think her site is just a smile waiting to happen.  What funny things she thinks up!  Check it out.  

Here is a girl that took one of my sheep photos and made a beautiful drawing.  What a beautiful idea & what a sweet encouragement to a little lamb photographer like me!  

I have been out to the farm today to see the misfits (including this very ewe) and the dogs,  all is well.  I have mud to the tops of my boots and a camera full of silly pics.  Update soon!

Here are some headwraps from Christina.  She is a local artist that is not afraid of color ~ her wraps are gorgeous!  She lets me shoot head shots for her etsy shop and it is so fun.  More? here.

And just for fun, if you want some ideas for Christmas photo ideas...head over to my new Photography site.  I will be adding photos frequently and would love to hear if you have some great ideas as well.  Always excited to try something creative~ especially if it involves little ones and a bit of sunshine.

I am also looking for a Christmas cookie recipe that we lost.  It is a butter cookie with tiny chocolate chips and almond flavoring.  Have you heard of it?

Love from the barnyard~
Thinking of you today!
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