Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanks for the warm gift~

My favorite holiday (as an adult) is Thanksgiving. I have always loved it.  Full of meaning, tradition, memories...delicious gourmet food, sooo much family, and it is always brimming with hopeful love.  All good.

Since moving back to the same state, we have been trading off the holiday with DH's family.  This year it was my parent's turn for Thanksgiving and they chose to have it in Oahu.  What?  So, we jetted off and had a tropical Thanksgiving dinner, went to Pearl Harbor, watched a light parade, hiked a crater, shopped, ate too much food, played on beautiful beaches, and loved every minute of the warm yummy sunshine.   

Just off the plane and looking out at the big city of Honolulu~

A banana tree and black leis for all the men~

 The beach.  Heaven has arrived for these snow...just the warm sand & water~

My dashing father looking over his brood and DH working something out with some fellow tourists :o)

Rock throwing and Gabe being a bit crazy (the water is about 12 inches deep, he is okay) ~

 Me, a rare photo.  I told Pete to shoot when my chin is up (less wrinkles?)~

Hiking up Diamond Head crater in the morning.  Pretending we are "Lost"?
My sister and her handsome man. Sweet shades~

Snorkling in Hanauma Bay~

A very interesting way to spend a winter holiday~ and such a memorable trip.  Thank you so much Hallstroms for having such an idea and then letting us be a part of it.  You are the best!

Much love~ Mahalo~
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