Monday, November 8, 2010

chasing what I love~

I just want to welcome you to a new part of my blog and my current life ~ Photography (without sheep).  What???   I know it may seem like I have lost my creative center ~ my life of *love and lambs* ~ I promise I haven't.  I have decided however that all my work at the farm is helpful in chasing after little ones...I have gotten good at that!

I am keeping my current blog-life just as it is.  I love this familiar place.  But I have been working on a fun new project~ Come join me on my sister-blog (it is linked to this one on the front page - under the red leaves):  Photography/ .  This way people that may not understand my creative fetishes, the farm, and all the sheep pics can see *pretty pictures* (sans all the alfalfa snot).  I think it may help in getting some clients this winter, too.  I am sure seeing pictures of sheep shearers and sheep butts may not impress someone needing Senior pics?  (It would impress me, but I am different I guess).

As I am posting some family, senior, children's portraits and candid pictures ...let me know what you think? I have yet to fill my "details" page with information. I am still working all of that is hard for me to know how much to charge for all the work I do.

By the way...I am moving sheep across town again tomorrow (perhaps in the snow), so I get to try out my new insulated bibs!  Yes!  

Hugs to you my friends~
Grace & Peace on this blustery night,
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