Wednesday, October 6, 2010

what five things guide you?

I don't know how a girl can be so blessed (and worn out!) with goodness in one week.  Blessed! 

The sheep are safely home.

The little boys, DH (dear husband) and I went to the cabin for a day.

Fall arrived with beautiful rains.

And I have such dear friends that bless my life~
~ ~ ~ ~
My sweet friend Joan in Denmark gave me such a beautiful compliment on her blog: (God's little people) last week.  Thank you!

I am so grateful for this lovely girl. Joan is a treasure. Her writing is thoughtful and purposeful, especially in giving voice to the voiceless.  Through her example, she has given me greater permission to write from my heart with confidence.  To be who I am,  to write about my very own experiences, and love the little creatures in my life (from my own little boys - to the wild little lambs) in big hearted ways.

Her compliment/award came with a challenge.  I have to verbalize my own blog's ideals in five words (To sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation and experience using five words...)   Hmmm...easy or hard?  To focus my creative path into five simple words?  I have considered this while walking/working/talking with the sheep this week.  What five words would I use to describe my path right now?  

What five words would you use to describe your path right now?   

Here are the five living & breathing constants in my life:

 God's Glory
 Come & See 
Yes (and amen)
Hands (actively participating in life)
~ ~ ~ ~
It would take a while to explain what each means and why, but the more important part is that these words are the easy answer in my heart.  These are my true intentions ~ these are what I base every decision, every prayer, every relationship of my life on ~ Am I seeing, building, encouraging, and participating with God *in this* or not?

Can you verbalize your true intentions ~ want to try it? 

Joan also encouraged me to share two blogs that were meaningful to me in "Beauty & Substance".  So, here are the blogs I award this great compliment~

If you haven't visited before, the first is Holy Experience.  It is a divine appointment every time I visit.  I have followed Anne for years and she is seems to be able to write what I struggle to spiritually understand.  A rare gift to all who visit.  

The other blog I would recommend would be Punkin's patch.  This is a wonderful fun-loving girl that has my interests at heart, sheep of course, and she is so good at teaching skills through her posts.  I have learned so much!  Her energy level must be off the chart for all that she is able to accomplish in a day.  I have been helped beyond words through her loving care of me and my heart in this specific place in my life.  Sara is a real blessing to me and others in her generous living and sharing.  (Sara ~ I am giving you the gift of sharing your 5 words and awarding 2 blogs with "beauty and substance") 
~ ~ ~ ~
I also want to mention my friend Kelley, a *blog-artist extraordinare* that is busily helping me update my blog and make space for new things this fall... The new splash page is her latest addition ~ so adorable! ~

Thank you God for brilliant friends and a growing community of beauty and substance~
These friends and family are the best!

In Grace and Peace,
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