Wednesday, October 6, 2010

sheep, chutes, and the shearers

Imagine a morning of dark overcast skies.  Pulling on a rain jackets, knowing you are going to get muddy, wet, and cold.  Hundreds of eyes looking out at you through the gates. The already wet woolly sheep in corrals waiting for a quick trim.  The rain comes and the mud and muck is so thick and slippery it is hard to stay standing.  The sheep don't want to go toward a truck ~ someone told them once it wasn't a good idea?  

Dogs chasing, Brian and I are rounding up sheep in the pens (round and round?!), Luis "shushing" the sheep into submission, radio playing in the shearing trailer, Farmer prodding the line... 

And me, "Come on girls...let's go..."

Oh, yes...this is a great day!  

Now, is that supposed to be attractive?  I am going to have to buy them all head bands now~ lol.

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