Saturday, October 23, 2010

seeing Ketchum~

[Pics from a weekend of sheep + love in Ketchum, Idaho~ enjoy!]

 o1. The sheep dog trials~ a visual display of the minds and hearts of these herding dogs
o2.  A wild elk herd in a hidden valley, a blessed sighting
o3.  Family on a walk to dinner (it's lamb tasting night)
o4.  A sheep bike? It is sooo fluffy
o5.  Outside Iconoclast it

o6. Virginia creeper or wild grape vine?  
o7.  Hops on the fence (i adore hops - a vine with personality and charm)
o8.  A giant round of cheese at the restaurant
o9.  A sheep dog listening to the direction of her owner - in whistles.
1o.  Twelve week old "Piper", border collie pup, being mauled by new friends
11.  Sheep dog whistle

12.  Judges at the wool and fleece table talking about the fiber's good and bad qualities
13.  Showing us the "crimp" of the winning wool
14.  The sweetest boy showing me his rovings at the little fair- adorable?
15.  Sun Valley Resort
16.  The lake at Sun Valley Resort

17.  New signage in Ketchum, in case you get lost?
18.  Moose on the loose ~ for sale, too
19.  Fall flowers
2o.  Tiny Sacristy in the trees, so sweet
21.  Little store that is open and closed, too

22. "Trailing of the sheep" parade ~ a pretty green sheep camp is on display
23.  Bagpipers, too
24.  Sheeps on parade!
25.  The parade route with all the peeps and sheeps, so many people LOVE sheep
26.  Priest walking behind, he was at the top of the street blessing the sheep with holy water

A great experience and one I am sure Farmer will want to welcome to our small town?  (Had to say it)

Hoping all good things for your October weekend,
Find your local listings for seasonal treats and get out there...the snow is coming...

Love and lambs,
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