Sunday, October 24, 2010

into everything ~

The puppies are far away in the new camp across the valley. I am trying to be okay without seeing them is an addiction you know.  I know they are probably fine (?) but he rain is pouring and snow is forecast, darn it...

As much as I am missing them, I am also frantically getting things done around here that have been left on the list too long.  Do you have a few things you need to do as well?  Get your list out, let's compare?

* * * * * 
Filling etsy orders - two little lambs "grace" and "little one" made it to ETSYs front page this week and filled my inbox with *all kinds of happy*.  Many shoppers just want to say something sweet about the shop but soon orders came in!  Thankfully I have a wonderful workspace & a great relationship with my postman.  

Orders from Virginia, Illinois, California, Washington D.C., New Hampshire, Oregon, Texas, Georgia, and Ketchum, Idaho!  How about that?  One of the girls wanted to know why I label my photos "farm fresh" ~

* * * * * 
Decorating for fall~  yummy colors rich in nature and texture.  I just want to move where it is fall all the time.

We made a trek to a pumpkin patch just south of town and I was entranced - 100 acres of pumpkin heaven!

Have you ever been to a real pumpkin farm?  My friend Kristi and I (when we lived in Phoenix) used to take all the kids for a 2 hour drive to a town called Payson to pick pumpkins - we must have been young and crazy?  I haven't been to a pumpkin farm since those days.  It was a treat for me.


(I am hoping to get back for more "artistic" pics this week, on our boys + mum trip we were more interested in the weirdest and largest pumpkins we could find.  Great job Joe!)

* * * * * 
I finished my fall quilt this week (it took a year to finish) & put a new wreath over my bed (fresh & sweet smelling eucalyptus & pears- made with leaves - from Chelsey at Ruby Bloom.).

* * * * * 
I have a pile of recipes to try - mainly soups and breads.  You, too?  I have Jason Mraz singing "Lucky" in the kitchen whilst I slice my apples tonight.  Bliss.  (I don't mind if you need to turn on your you-tube for the song - go ahead.)

* * * * * 
Read with tenacity- too many books piled up again.  I also made a commitment to getting through the bible in 90 days.  It can be done...especially if you speed-read Leviticus & Numbers (not favorites of mine).  What are you reading?
* * * * * 
Moving sheeps.  An art of moving sheep from place-to-place depending on feed or on Farmer's will & wishes, not sure which one this week.  I rode a four-wheeler this time on our last sheep moving adventure.  We went out on the main highway, road warrior style.  No pics - too afraid I might hurt myself or others!  I love that Farmer's wife made sure I had plenty of kleenex for the trip (it does comes in handy! thank you!)

* * * * * the final finishing touches of Christmas cards to sell.  Wanna peek?  I will be unveiling the sweet things the first day of November.  I am trying to decide how to package them - individually, groups of five, or little boxes?

Leave me a link to what you are up to this week.  What do you have you left on your list that you need to finish before the end of October (goodness it goes fast!).

Want to see more puppies?  I knew it.  They are into everything~

Love to you from this wet, cold and dark barnyard tonight,
Grace and Peace,

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