Saturday, October 2, 2010

how many hoofs? (or is it hooves?)

On Friday, there were calls to the local authorities about a wildfire in the mountains.  A real fear for all of us   living so close to all the brush and trees right now, it is so hot and dry.  The smoke however wasn't from a fire, it was from the sheep...thousands of them...

They were coming home...

With the plumes of sheep-smoke whipping up from the dusty mountain trails, we could tell that they were a few miles away.  DH and I decided to hike.  We love to walk these rocky hills, but today the heat was so oppressive.  We found one of the plateaus above the green valley to wait in the shadows of the cedar trees.

Waiting in the heat with horse flies and super itchy ankles (note: wear longer socks), I couldn't be upset...I had a smile stretching from ear to ear.  I could hear the bells of the sheep coming from over the hill~

The dusty herd was soon collected.

We waited for slow ewes and lost lambs. The dogs lapped up water from Farmer's palms, the horses paced restlessly, and other farmers and ranchers started parking their trucks on the highway to help.  Everyone has a part to play.

Flags are flown on the road to stop the traffic.  The sheep don't really want to step out onto the highway and they spin around in big circles to get away from the gates and pesky dogs.  Around and around.  But once they finally push out onto the road, they seem to not want to leave it and walk right into the trucks.  Silly sheep.  Come on girls...move...

Oh, how I have missed these sheep!  

The walk through town has just begun...more to come!
(pictures/descriptions on  flicker )

Thank you God for safe travels and sturdy hooves,
Grace and Peace~
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