Monday, September 27, 2010

two boys and truck

Taking a few shots of my friend's gorgeous sons tonight. I am so thrilled to have such opportunities~ it is so fun and she was so supportive of all the things I wanted to try.  Bless her heart and bless their adorable hearts for putting up with my wild antics - I only fell over a bike once - but it created the best smiles!

My hope is to have a portfolio of *all kinds of wonderful* up and going before the end of autumn.  It is in the works...Yes!  Do you have a portfolio of your work as an artist, writer, creative girl?  I would love to see~ and if you want to share with us all, leave a link?  

I have had emails & comments from amazing photographers, sheep-peeps, and girls travelling the same dirt paths with Jesus this week...   I love it.   Thank you for your kind words and offerings.  I hope to answer every email, so hang on sistas!   I really want to get involved in some of the creative projects I have seen circling around some of these amazing blogs.  I will share what I have found~

But, first I have to help bring home the sheep~

Love to you tonight from the happy & hope-filled barnyard of life,
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